Picture of Miranda

Miranda Collins is the mother of four children, ranging from 5 to 19 years of age.  Her own experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood with her first daughter inspired her to train as an Antenatal Teacher with the National Childbirth Trust.

She has since worked with groups of expectant parents, coming to believe even more strongly in the importance of good antenatal preparation for both partners.

Her input, given with warmth and enthusiasm, has enabled many couples to enjoy their birth experiences and to go forward confidently into the early days with their new baby.

As well as teaching antenatal classes for the past fourteen years, Miranda has worked in primary education and family support.  She has degrees in Psychology and Health Promotion and has also undertaken training to support women after difficult and traumatic births.

Miranda is an associate of WomanWise, a local group of  skilled professional women offering natural and varied services to meet a woman’s physical and emotional needs throughout her life.

Amaryllis Birthing aims to draw many of these strands together to provide men and women with a positive view of pregnancy, birth and early parenting through antenatal classes and personal support.  Miranda is registered with the Federation of Antenatal Teachers who regulate the profession.

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