A friend of mine is going to become a Granny for the first time soon – I’m so jealous, although I can completely wait a few more years!  Thinking about how she is supporting her daughter has made me consider again how we never stop going through these milestones with our children and just what a long time deal active parenting is!

It’s easy to think that you can breathe a sigh of relief once your child starts school – thinking that you have covered the major milestones already.  There is such a steep learning curve to parenthood – as soon as you have your baby you have to manage the first feed, the first nappy, the first cold.  Then you move on to all the delights of smiling, fruit puree, rolling, crawling, sitting, walking…  But finally when they go to school, you feel that the pace slows down a bit.  But does it??

My children are between the ages of 5 and nearly 20.  I’m still having new conversations with all of them.  What interests will be good to put on your CV?  What is too much to spend on a vintage dress?  What if I’m not happy at school?  Why can’t my teacher come to dinner?

Even though we’ve had crushes on teachers before, each child is different and so every time is like starting all over again.  I think that’s what keeps being a parent such a wild and exciting journey.  The terrain changes and you realise that, often, you aren’t where you think you are!

Until next time, here’s to the trip and all the wisdom and learning gathered along the way!

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