For all of us, life is settling down into the post-Christmas routine.  The tree and all the rest of the Christmas things came down on Friday, Twelfth Night.  It always makes me so sad to see them go, as there doesn’t seem to be much to look forward to in January.  This year we probably won’t even have snow to go out and enjoy!

I think the contrast is what makes the end of the holidays hard.  Our family has so many traditions – things we do every year, without fail – and they really cluster around the month, from our Advent Party through to our New Year’s Day Open House.

Usually our traditions focus on spending time with friends and family, having yummy things to eat, giving gifts and creating memories to be handed  down to the children and beyond!

I’m just feeling more and more that the children will really remember all those things we did – like how we watch Miracle on 34th Street every Advent Sunday. We eat Lebkuchen and mince pies, drink hot chocolate and weep at the sentimental parts, even though we’ve seen them dozens of times.

To make myself feel better in the gloom that inevitably follows our celebrations, I’m thinking ahead to brighter days, and all the occasions on the calendar for which I can set up new traditions. Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter…

Well, that should keep me going.  Until next time, happy traditioning with your family!

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